Top 10 WordPress Plugins To Increase Web Traffic

By | February 15, 2015

How To Increase Web Traffic With WordPress Plugins

This is my hand picked list of WordPress plugins that are guaranteed to increase your web traffic. Whether it’s an SEO pack, social commenting/buttons, or the highly respected PopUp Domination plugin, these are my top 10 WordPress tools that every internet marketer should have. All of these plugins were designed to increase web traffic, encourage visitors to keep coming back, share your content, or decrease your site’s bounce rate. All of which are extremely helpful and beneficial for the health and growth of any website.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

If you don’t already have Yoast installed, this is the very first plugin you need to get. Yoast allows you to see how search engine friendly your content is before you even post it. It provides you with a preview of how your post will appear in Google’s search engine, including the post title, URL, and a small snippet of content. Just like how it appears in Google. Yoast helps to make sure that search engines can easily understand your content, thus giving you better rankings and more traffic. After awhile, using Yoast will become second nature, and just become another part of your routine before finally clicking that publish button.

Wordpress SEO Snippet Preview

Show Top Commentators

This plugin was designed to show off the top commentators and encourage other users to comment as well. Show Top Commentators makes commenting on your website both fun and competitive. Look at websites like Reddit, or any popular forum. People take this commenting thing very seriously. The satisfaction of having their username displayed on a pretty sidebar under “Top Commentators” is simply enough for them, even though it really means nothing. It has however been proven that doing this increases reader interaction and return visitors (aka more traffic). I personally haven’t used this plugin, as it’s better suited for larger websites with a “cult-like” following, but I’m not against using it later down the road, of course.

Show Top Commentators WordPress

Facebook Comments For WordPress

Although I’ve decided to use Disqus as my main commenting plugin for Online Side Hustle, I’ve also used the Facebook Comments For WordPress plugin on many of my other niche websites. You would have to be foolish to ignore the power of social media if you want any sort of real traffic. This plugin easily allows your visitors to get a discussion going which will not only be seen on your website, but on Facebook as well. Users also have the option of sharing their comments to their friends, which results in your website ending up in other people’s news feeds, and equals more traffic!

Facebook Comments For WordPress

All In One SEO Pack

Much like the Yoast plugin, All In One SEO Pack takes the difficulty out of making your website SEO friendly and simplifies everything. Already downloaded by more than 9 million users, this still remains as one of the most popular WordPress plugins for SEO. It’s so easy to use that even beginners will get the hang of it in a matter of minutes, generating META tags for you and optimizing your post titles to catch people’s attention, helping to increase website traffic. This is another one of those must have plugins for any serious internet marketer, and should not be overlooked.

All In One SEO WordPress

PopUp Domination

PopUp Domination is a beautifully designed WordPress plugin that allows you to setup a simple non-intrusive light-box popup for new visitors to your site. Using the plugin easily allows you to build a HUGE list and has proven to increase subscribers by 429%! It’s been cleverly designed to get the readers attention without being overly intrusive and go with the general flow of your website, rather than looking like a random spam popup. This is an amazingly powerful plugin, but it does not come free. With a reasonable price tag of $47, this is the only plugin featured on the list you actually have to pay for. Rest assured, there is a 60 day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with it. PopUp Domination has also been purchased by more than 8000 internet marketers, and has helped grow thousands of successful email lists.

PopUp Domination WordPress

Post To Twitter

If you couldn’t already guess by the name, Post To Twitter is a simple light-weight plugin that will post your new content to your Twitter account automatically. Every time you publish a new article on your website, your followers will be notified instantaneously. This makes keeping an active Twitter profile for your webpage a piece of cake. Once it’s setup, everything is posted for you without even having to log in to Twitter. We only wish there was a similar plugin for automated Facebook posting. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow this, but Twitter does!

Post To Twitter WordPress

Sharebar – Social Media Slider

This plugin encourages readers to share your content to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by adding a scrolling side bar widget with social buttons that follows them up and down the webpage. This makes the buttons easily standout to your readers, increasing social shares and getting more eyes on your content. If your website is lacking in social traffic, this may be just what you need to get the ball rolling.

Sharebar WordPress Plugin

Tweet Old Post

Tweet Old Post is another great WordPress plugin designed to take advantage of Twitter traffic. This time, we’re encouraging users to view older pages. This is a great tool to shine light on content that may have been swept under the rug, or point users to quality posts (although older), still hold relevancy and helpfulness today. There are many options, including frequency of posts in a day, including links, adding additional text, and even including a URL shortener. For webmasters with a decent sized Twitter following, this is an excellent tool to revive old posts that were long forgotten about, and steadily increase web traffic.

Tweet Old Post WordPress

Facebook Social Plugin

You’ve seen this everywhere, the Facebook Social Plugin. Just about every blog has it these days, or some kind of variation of it. This creates a widget box that you can place anywhere on your site, displaying your Facebook page likes, names, and faces. What makes this so cool is that readers can like your page using the widget without ever having to leave your website, making the Official Facebook version my top favorite. Most webmasters can see an increase in likes and visitors within a few short days.

Facebook Social Plugin

UpPrev Previous Post Animated Notification

This plugin helps increase traffic in a different kind of way, by keeping readers on your website longer and decreasing visitor bounce rate, thus improving search engine rankings. This is a nifty little tool that will pop up a box once a user scrolls to the bottom of the page recommending the “next post” related to that category. Assuming you have your categories laid out well, this can be an extremely powerful tool to help increase the amount of time visitors use your website. The pop up is non-intrusive and very professional looking. It was designed to look almost identical to the same “next post” feature found on the New York Times website.

UpPrev WordPress

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