Top 8 Best WordPress Themes For Amazon Affiliates

By | August 26, 2015

Amazon affiliate websites can be a great source of income. If you have a knack for writing product reviews, creating top lists, and converting potential buyers into customers, an Amazon affiliate website could be your golden ticket to financial freedom. However, to have a great Amazon affiliate website, you will need a great theme. This is my top 8 list of the best Amazon affiliate themes for WordPress.

#1 Kingdom WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Theme

Kingdom Amazon Affiliates Themes

Although Kingdom WooCommerce isn’t talked about much in the internet marketing world, it’s a “sleeping giant” when it comes to Amazon affiliate WordPress themes. Just take a look at the demo, it’s absolutely stunning. This is a sleek, highly looking professional theme with tons of features allowing you to customize it to fit your needs perfectly.

The current version of theme (1.5) comes with a revolution slider and more than 600 custom fonts. Kingdom also comes bundled with some premium plugins (free of charge) such as WooZone, WooZeone, Contextual, Discount Finder, and Kingdom Store. It’s also extremely easy to get started with because they offer a one-click install and user-friendly tools, making it extremely easy for beginners and functional for veterans and those alike.

You are limitless in the amount of products you can promote. It also offers a review system, product tags, categories and more. With a beautiful full-page slider, colorful widgets, and WPML support (for translation), Kingdom WooCommerce is my first recommendation for a beautiful and functional Amazon affiliate WordPress theme.

Full Details & Download | See Demo

#2 Compare

Compare Responsive Amazon WordPress Theme

Compare is one of the internet’s top selling Amazon WordPress themes, and for a good reason. It comes with all the bells and whistles every Amazon theme should have, but what really makes this theme unique is the integrated price and product comparison system which allows both you and your readers to compare products (thus the name “Compare” hehe). The layout is impressively responsive, and works on just about any mobile device, tablet, or home PC. It also integrates with Compare+.

Other features included with Compare are Custom widgets, localization support, shortcodes, cross-browser compatibility, valid XHTML Strict 1.0 Tableless design, translation options, default side and post thumbnails, and much more, making Compare extremely customizable. You also have the option of Social Network integration which will help grow your traffic and social proof.

It also comes layered with PSDs making customization easy, has a very helpful documentation guide, a dedicated support team, and free upgrades for life. You can also expect built in tools to help manage your earnings. Very cool!

Full Details & Download | See Demo

#3 OptimizePress

OptimizePress Plugin

You’ve probably heard of OptimizePress before, not only is it an amazing Amazon Associates theme, it’s also great for running any Affiliate campaign. It offers a clean and elegant design with %100 customization, allowing you to make the perfect web design for your specific niche or product. Because of the way it was designed, you can even use it to sell your own Amazon products, rather than promoting as an affiliate. It also has built in tools to measure campaign statistics and performance.

It can be used to cover different niches such as landing pages, free training, and course pages, webinar registration pages, authority blogs, secure membership portals, sales and marketing pages, product launch funnels, and much more. This is a very powerful tool for any internet marketer. It’s also %100 mobile friendly, so you can have attractive looking pages even when visitors are on their phone. I’m not going to lie though, this product is a little bit expensive, but the amount of tools and options it comes packed with makes it totally worth it.

Full Details & Download | See Demo

#4 Stored

Stored Affiliate WordPress Theme

My next recommendation for a great Amazon Associate WP theme is Stored, which covers features like Cart66 Cloud Integration, Localization ready, with 6 colored dark and light design feels, an awesome jQuery slider, hover effects, and a dedicated affiliate mode. Every function you need to run your own eCommerce platform is already built right into Stored.

It was written and validated with XHTML, making it compatible with virtually any web browser. The designs are flexible and all the elements such as widgets etc.. are all responsive. It also comes with PSD files and proper documentation, but the whole setup process is actually very simple, and if you do run into any issues Stored also has a dedicated support team waiting to answer any of your questions.

Full Details & Download | See Demo

#5 REHub

ReHub Store Theme

REHub is cool because it not only helps you drive an affiliate website, but you also have the option of creating your own directory to help readers on related topics. This is great for marketers that not only want to promote products but also want an authority site as well. You can also start sharing coupon codes for multiple eCommerce platforms (Amazon etc..) and earn a ton of money through various associate programs. It offers a more simpler layout which makes it extremely easy for your readers to navigate and complete purchases.

For a reasonable $58, REHub comes with features like comparison pages, enhanced user reviews, microformats, improved SEO, 3 different shopping cart options (WooCommerce, ECWID, and EasyDigitalDownload) along with BBPress compatibility. The theme also uses a high-resolution interface that really makes your website “POP”, and comes loaded with a bunch of already built in widgets that can be used instantly.

Full Details & Download | See Demo

#6 Ultimate Azon

Ultimate Azon Theme

Full Details & Download | See Demo

Ultimate Azon is another WordPress theme that offers fantastic features for Amazon Associates. Much like the “Compare” theme mentioned earlier, Ultimate Azon offers a new DragonDrop product comparison tool, an extremely powerful feature that compares product prices and may lead to that extra “push” a reader needs before making a purchase.

The tool has been designed to make the customers life extremely easy by auto-filling the table columns according to the desired feature and lets the user compare with a mouse hover. This new feature has been added to the 1.1 version of the theme and can be used to gain a lot of traction on your website. Do not underestimate the power of product comparison!

The theme is also responsive and works on mobile devices perfectly.

#7 Zeno Theme

Zeno Amazon WordPress Theme

As we all know, maintaining an affiliate website is not a simple task, it requires posting fresh content consistently which can be extremely time consuming. Zeno was designed to fill this void, allowing you to manage everything from your dashboard with a single click.

The theme also comes with all the necessary tools to successfully run an affiliate website. All you need is a self-hosted WordPress website and Woosh and you’re all done!

With just a single click, you can important products from the Amazon store, modify descriptions and tailor them to your audience/demographic, select images, modify product features, and more. The theme is responsive, and kept up to date with the latest technology, WordPress, and updated plugins. The team that designed Zeno also offers amazing customer support.

Zeno offers many advanced features, but can also be set to auto update different product descriptions. It was built with SEO in mind, allowing you to rank your pages better in search engines. The theme is also impressively fast when it comes to load time, and features tons of customization options including over 600+ Google fonts that are unlimited in color.

On top of it all, Zeno supports carousel and product slider. It also allows you to have a product image gallery which could increase your chances of making a sale.

Full Details & Download | See Demo

#8 AuthorityAzon

AuthorityAzon Theme

Last but not least comes AuthroityAzon, another great theme for marketing Amazon products as an affiliate. The theme was designed by TungTran who he himself went on to become a very successful Amazon associate, so you know it comes with all the features any marketer could ever want.

At the time, there wasn’t very many options when it came to Amazon WP themes and plugins. TungTran decided to fill the void and create something that included all the features he wanted, and make it accessible to everyone. Just like Zeno, it also offers one click product import. You will also find advanced filters and product comparison charts, which has been known to increase revenue.

AuthorityAzon allows you to create custom review pages with ease, includes complete SEO optimization, with a fast and responsive design. There’s also an extensive options panel allowing you to completely customize your site to your liking.

Full Details & Download | See Demo

Which Amazon Theme is right for me?

With so many themes to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one. I’d recommend making a list of requirements that you can’t do without and start reading each of the details pages until you find something that meets all of them. From there, you can pick a price point you want to stick with and balance out which extra features may come in handy later, or ones you can do without. Pick a theme that meets all (or at least most) of your requirements that fits within your budget.

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