How To Recover Lost Images From SD Memory Card

By | June 18, 2015

It’s happened to the best of us. Maybe a younger child or sibling got a hold of your camera and deleted precious photos accidentally. Or perhaps you needed to make more space on your card and ended up deleting some photos yourself and regretted it later. Whatever the case may be, you’re here because you want to retrieve your lost and deleted images. Lucky for you, we have several different options to help you on your journey. (Some better than others.) Keep reading..

As scary as this situation may be, there is no reason to panic, so please, take a deep breath!

… OK, better now? Great.

Before I begin I want to explain a little bit how the deletion process works. Most cameras when you “delete” something, actually don’t delete anything at all. Rather, they mark the space as “available” until you record something new over it. This is how most free recovery programs are able to recover data, but almost always return only partial or SOME of the images. (For instance, the free version EasyUS was only able to recover 23 of our 256 deleted pictures.)

Another free program we tried was Panda Recovery, while it did recover more pictures than EasyUS (52/256), I was prompted to install a browser tool bar (Spyware, basically), during setup and installation which was very off setting and left a bad taste in my mouth from the beginning. Complexity of the program was also very unappealing and not user-friendly at all. I understand these developers want to make some sort of money through their hard efforts, but I’d rather pay for a program that WORKS than free software that installs CRAP-ware on my PC and only works half as good.

Card Recovery Pro Review

Card Recovery Pro – Easy SD Card Recovery

After getting frustrated with several of these “free” programs, I decided I was going to try Card Recovery Pro, and made the purchase. With a $4.97 investment, I was able to retrieve ALL of my old pictures. The interface was extremely easy to use, and the recovery speed was lightning fast in comparison to all the other programs I tried.

What I liked the most about Card Recovery Pro was that they support virtually every type of card imaginable. SD Cards, SDHC, microSD, MMC, xD Picture Card, miniSD, and CF Cards.

Card Recovery Pro

Card Recovery Pro – Easy SD Card Recovery

The recovery process was extremely painless and simple, after just a few clicks I was able to actually SEE all my deleted images. It’s very hard to describe the feeling you get seeing your personal photos that you thought were gone forever. I recommend and back this software whole-heartedly %100.

With a price point of only $4.97, and 60 day money back guarantee, Card Recovery Pro is hard to pass up if you’re looking for a great card recovery software that’s simple and easy to use, but also powerful enough to recover ALL of your lost images, not just half of them with most being partials.

If you decide to use any of the free programs, I recommend using EasyUs and completely avoiding Panda Recovery (unless you like Spyware, of course). You always have the option of upgrading to a better and more powerful version later on. I also tried a few other free programs, but they aren’t even worth mentioning. Almost all of them will show you the “recovered” images, but then ask you to pay to actually get them back. I recommend skipping all the BS, and going for Card Recovery Pro, it’s a great program for a great price. If $4.97 isn’t worth retrieving your lost personal photos, you can always try EasyUs.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Leave a comment below with your experiences with any of the software mentioned. I would love to hear what you guys think. Thanks!

MAC users can also try Exif Untrasher. I have NOT used the software myself personally (I’m a PC guy), but there seems to be a general consensus of it being the #1 MAC recovery tool. I didn’t want to leave you guys out! 😛

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