My Android Keyboard Is Going Crazy!

By | February 13, 2015

Is Your Android Keyboard Acting Funny?

A couple nights ago I was out of the house when my girlfriend and I were texting each other. Everything was normal (just randomly talking about how our days were going), up until an hour or so after her last message she followed up with a “wii”. That was it. I texted her back with the joke, “Are you trying to speak French to me?” she then proceeded to reply back with what I thought was a different language. Something along the lines of “jkhklgshl”, at the time I didn’t think too much of it. I just assumed one of our daughters (namely the youngest, 2 year old Khloe) had gotten a hold of her phone. No big deal, this type of stuff happens more often that we’d both like to admit.

Once I got home, my GF proceeded to tell me her “phone was broke” and that she “needs a new one”. Me being the tech savvy guy that I am, decided to take a look and see if I couldn’t solve the problem, without having to go out and purchase a brand new phone or wait on hold for two hours with tech support.

The symptoms of the phone were exactly as she described. Anytime you tried to type a message on the keypad it would start opening random unwanted apps. For my first test, I decided to type the word “hello” and attempt to text it back to myself. I pressed the “H” key with no problems; Then the “E” key. Boom, the e-mail app opened. This was interesting.

After two simple key presses I already came up with a theory. The letter “e” just opened up the e-mail application, so most likely a shortcut setting was somehow accidentally activated. I went further and noticed that other letters were triggering other applications to open as well.

After a quick Google search, I learned that this problem has happened to other people as well, and found a solution of how to fix it.

How to Disable Android Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Go into Settings > Applications > Quick Launch
  • Press and hold the letter associated with the Quick Launch application and select “Clear”

In our case, there were multiple letters to disable, around 8 or so. I’m assuming little Khloe got into the settings of the phone and did some funky stuff to it without knowing. Thanks to her, I am really starting to get to know the bones of all my devices, which I can’t say is a bad thing, although frustrating at times.

I realize most people may never even see this problem, but I do understand the frustration and the sense of urgency of dealing with this issue, so I decided to post about this anyway, in hopes that it makes at least ONE person’s day just a little bit better.

I hope this helped some. Everyone have a great Valentines Day tomorrow! See you around.

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