Making Money With Fiverr – Is It Worth It?

By | August 12, 2015

Today the topic of discussion is Fiverr and whether or not it’s “worth our time”. It’s true, there is a lot of money to be made with Fiverr, but I often see a lot of marketers getting burnt out on it quickly and under pricing themselves considerably for the amount of work they do. To be honest, if your gig takes any longer than 15 minutes to do, I would say you are wasting your time there. The people who spend 4+ hours creating a logo in Photoshop for $4 (Fiverr takes $1) is absolutely insane to me. What a lot of people don’t know is that pretty much all of these level 2 sellers have software that allow them to pump out gigs quickly and efficiently. Today we’re going to talk about some of the software used, and how you too can become a level 2 Fiverr seller and make some good money with Fiverr.

Grab your bibs, because I am literally going to spoon feed you right now..

Gig #1: Professional Whiteboard Creation

Who’s doing it?: cwineyrahulkajla1videokrtoon, and more..

Earning potential: $5,000+

Software used: Click here for sales page ($8 Lite Version)

At the time of writing this article, the first #1 ranked seller when you search the keyword “whiteboard” (cwiney) has 91 orders in queue. That means he has 91 active orders and $455 worth of gig money just sitting there. That does not include the 1,000+ orders he has done in the past, and with a %98 positive rating, there is no doubt this guy is making a KILLING right now. Cwiney also has 6 additional up sales all ranging from $5-$20. One of them being a fast 3 day delivery for an extra $20. It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy actually made closer to around $45 per gig/sale.

Gig #2: Logo Creation

Who’s doing it?: actualreviewnetei8htzsrishet123, and more..

Earning potential: $80,000+

Software used: Click here for sales page ($47 only version)

Logos are extremely important to any business or website, it’s the first impression people get from any company. Logo design doesn’t have to be long, tedious hours of work either. We now have Logo Creation software that allows us to make beautiful logo designs in just a few short minutes.

Look at the gig that actualreviewnet offers, he has almost 17,000 reviews. That means he’s grossed anywhere from $80,000-$85,000 in sales, that is not even including any of his up sales (one of which is an additional $100). This is one of the few sellers on Fiverr that can literally live off of his earnings.

Gig #3: Video Testimonial Creation

Who’s doing it?: sanpangregorysheppardgeneratecashbiz. and more..

Earning potential: $15,000+

Software used: Any video editing software (Recommended: Here)

Once again, let’s take a closer look at the highest earner, this time for the term “video testimonial”. Sanpan has over 3,000 reviews, which means she is grossing around $15,000 (that’s before up sales). One of her up sales is she will write the buyers script for up to one minute, which she charges an extra $40 for.

The great thing about this gig is that it actually BENEFITS you by being new. Marketers want testimonials from fresh faces. Yes, they also want people who know what they’re doing and I’m sure that is a large factor in a lot of these top seller’s success, but if your face is blasted in every testimonial on YouTube users will start recognizing you and the testimonial will lose it’s credibility. Smart marketers also know this, so don’t be afraid to jump into the game late.

Author’s Pick:

Gig #4: Ebook Cover Creation

Who’s doing it?: pro_ebookcoversvikianaravsingh, and more..

Earning potential: $70,000+

Software used: Click here

Ebook cover creation is another great way to make fast money on Fiverr if you have the right tools. Pro_ebookcovers has 193 buyers in queue right now (at the time of writing this article). That’s $965 waiting for her right now, and she has over 14,000 reviews which means she’s grossed over $70,000 from just ONE gig (this does not even include any up sales). If you haven’t gotten the message by now, I’m basically saying that selling on Fiverr is no joke. Especially if you are a top rated seller.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared Of Competition

Competition is a good thing. If there’s no competition then that probably means you’re in a niche where there’s no money to be made. Some markets/niches are so incredibly big that even a “small” slice of the pie can result in BIG earnings. For the sake of this article, I am going to stay on topic and talk about how competition on Fiverr is actually a good thing, and why you shouldn’t be afraid to create your own gig even if it’s not “original”.

1.) Big sellers often have a waiting list – If you checked out any of the top sellers I listed in this article, you can see that some of them have anywhere from 90 to 800 buyers in their queue at any given time. Sometimes people just don’t want to be put on hold for that long.

2.) BEING the new competition can help you – As stated earlier in the testimonial example, sometimes being new is beneficial. Especially in markets like video testimonials where marketers are looking for fresh faces and different prospects every time.

3.) No risk, no reward – This is the bottom line when it comes to anything with IM, if you never take chances you will never reap the benefits of what could have been. By reading this article I am not guaranteeing you will make $80,000+ from Fiverr, or even anything. This is more or less a case study of people who are killing it on Fiverr right now, and hopefully give you a push into starting your own successful Fiverr business.


To put it simply, the best way to make money with Fiverr is to do as many gigs as you possibly can as quickly as you can. If you are spending anymore than 10-15 minutes completing a gig then you are simply wasting your time. For the best results, calculate how much you earn on your gig(s) divided by the hours you worked in total and find out how much you make per hour and that will put things into perspective for you. You wouldn’t work under an employer for $1/hr so why should you do it online either?

By using software that allows us to easily produce gigs quickly and efficiently, we can then see that Fiverr is actually a great place to make money online, and is definitely “worth it”. You don’t have to use the software linked in this article (affiliate links), you can always research your own, but you will most likely have to pay for it as some point.

I hope you enjoyed this article, hopefully it helps you make some bucks on Fiverr. Good luck!

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