How To Make MILLIONS Using Other People’s Content

By | August 10, 2015

We’ve all seen these websites before, the websites that literally take other people’s content and post it as their own. They often times leave a backlink to the original source, so the original author is happy, and both websites are getting traffic and improving their rank. This is actually a legit method, and it’s even turned sites like TheChive and CollegeHumor into multi-million dollar businesses. These types of blogs are popping up everywhere and growing extremely popular among social networks because of how quickly and efficiently they can post content and how easily they go viral.

The reason these blogs are so successful is because they can easily pump out anywhere from 15-30 articles a day, because none of their content is original. Using programs like speed blogging, they can simply churn out post after post. Content creation is no longer an issue, allowing them to focus more time on promoting their website.

How To Make MILLIONS Using Other People’s Content

1.) Pick a popular niche (Memes, models, cats, etc..)

2.) Use speed blogging to post content quickly

3.) Promote, promote, promote!

If you think I’m kidding when I say you can make millions of dollars, read this article about how CollegeHumor was sold several years ago for $20 million. It is also reported that TheChive makes over $100 million in revenue a year, and they do it by taking other people’s content. Crazy!

Save Time, Make Money.

The problem with blogging or starting any website is that content creation is time consuming. Thousands of blogs are created everyday and the competition for ranking keywords gets harder and harder, the only blogs that keep their head above the water these days are the ones that post fast, valuable content CONSISTENTLY.

So unless you outsource most of your work or have employees writing articles for you (which is expensive), we’re going to need a tool to help us post awesome content quickly.

More articles means more ways for people to find your site, and increased traffic from social media shares. More traffic = more money!

How you choose to monetize your blog is up to you. A lot of these websites make money off Ad revenue, other websites like TheChive have grown their brand so well that they easily make thousands a day selling t-shirts and other merchandise.

How Do They Do It?

They do it by using programs like speed blogging and following trends. We’ve all seen those clickbait articles posted on Facebook everyday, they are the ones utilizing this method and they’re making bank.

Check out this article 14 Refreshing Recipes. All they did was go to 14 different websites and speed blogged it with an outgoing link to the original source.

Speed Blogging Review

Simply do this 14 times and you’ve got yourself a blog post.

The Importance Of Speed Blogging

Speed blogging is a tool that helps you create blog posts in 1 to 2 minutes that would normally take you 10 to 15 if you were doing them by hand. With this tool, you no longer have to go back and forth between several websites copying and pasting and linking back to the sources manually.

The speed blogging tool is essentially a chrome extension that allows you to right click and post a website’s video, picture, or whatever you want to your own blog in seconds. It really is that easy. Simply right click on the desired content you want, then click the new “SpeedBlog-It” option in your menu.


You can then edit the content like any other post in your blog and SEO score it like any other SEO WordPress plugin.

This simple, but extremely powerful tool can literally save you hundreds of hours of work.

If you are interested in purchasing speed blogging, check it out here.


There’s a lot of money to be made with this plugin/extension. It can save you HOURS of work, and allow you to focus on the important stuff, like promotion. I’m by no means guaranteeing this software will make you millions of dollars, but I know for a fact when used correctly, it WILL make you money, and save you a boat load of time. Like anything with internet marketing, the amount of revenue you make is how much work you put into it. I have full confidence in this product and have began using it myself on my newly started viral blog, and have already noticed a dramatic increase in traffic. This method can be monetized anyway you’d like, between ads, amazon affiliate links, or CPA. This is a quick and easy way to get massive amounts of traffic quickly, and can be the difference between posting 10 articles a day or 100.

Think smart, stay sharp, and make that dough.

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