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Help! My WordPress Website Got Hacked

Disclaimer: I can’t promise that the information below will help you recover your hacked WordPress website, or that the methods used by your attacker(s) were anything like mine. This is the story of how one of my website got hacked, and how I was able to get it back. I hope the information helps you.… Read More »

How To Recover Lost Images From SD Memory Card

It’s happened to the best of us. Maybe a younger child or sibling got a hold of your camera and deleted precious photos accidentally. Or perhaps you needed to make more space on your card and ended up deleting some photos yourself and regretted it later. Whatever the case may be, you’re here because you… Read More »

My Android Keyboard Is Going Crazy!

Is Your Android Keyboard Acting Funny? A couple nights ago I was out of the house when my girlfriend and I were texting each other. Everything was normal (just randomly talking about how our days were going), up until an hour or so after her last message she followed up with a “wii”. That was… Read More »