9 Quick Tips For Creating A Successful Blog Post

By | July 27, 2015

Here’s my 9 quick tips for a successful blog post. Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

1.) Catchy Headline – You need a headline that will entice the reader to want to visit your webpage. Take the time to actually come up with something interesting that will set you apart from other related search competition.

2.) Make Use of Visual Illustrations – You might notice that in a lot of my posts I will add images inside my posts. (Check out 10 Awesome Web Traffic Tips Often Overlooked, for an example.) Not only is it visually appealing, but it also helps organize and break down large blocks of text into a more readable fashion.

3.) Clean Layout – This also goes hand-in-hand with tip #2, but is also worth mentioning. Keep your posts clean, and have a strong layout of what you want your blog post to look like before even writing it. It helps to brainstorm your ideas and write them down. Figure out what exactly you are going to talk about, and the order you want it in. Try not to drift off so much from the original idea.

4.) Interesting & Unique Content – Readers want new ideas and information, not the same rehashed garbage. Try to keep your content unique and don’t be afraid to break away from your “comfort zone” every once in awhile.

5.) Make It Believable – Make your posts convincing and believable, especially if you are pitching a new idea or selling something. Write your words as genuine as possible, if you are offering a solution to a problem, make the reader feel like you actually want to help them. The best converting review blogs are the ones where the author actually reviews the product and speaks to you like a friend and not a salesman.

6.) Call To Action – Whether it’s a simple Facebook share, or you’re promoting a product, you need to create a “call to action”. There’s no point in having traffic if you aren’t funneling it to the right channels to make money. Don’t be too begging, but make sure your call to action is loud and clear.

7.) Keyword Analysis – Unless you don’t like free easy traffic, you should do some keyword research before every post. Figure out what keywords you want to target and apply them to your posts.

8.) Ask Readers To Subscribe – This may sound basic, but is sometimes forgotten. A strong e-mail list can quickly turn itself into a “money on demand” machine, so don’t forget to ask your visitors to subscribe.

9.) Link To Other Posts – Make sure to link to other posts within your articles. I already did it once in this post, did you see it? This will keep your visitors around longer and allow you to further strengthen the relationship with your readers.


Keep your posts edgy and fresh. Use keyword analysis tools to help you determine strong keywords to target, and don’t sound a like a robot in your articles. Be genuine, be convincing, but don’t be afraid to a pitch a product (as long as it’s helpful). Practice good on page SEO, and keep your headlines interesting! I hope you enjoyed these 9 quick tips for creating successful blog posts. Please leave a comment below if you any more tips you’d like to add.


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