3 Reason Why Your Shopify Store Is Failing

By | December 19, 2017

Although I don’t do much ecommerce coaching much anymore (I just have a small handful of people I work with now), I have seen some very.. “interesting” Shopify stores to say the least. One of my biggest gripes used to be when people would send me their store that looks like complete sh*t and then expect me to work some voodoo magic and get them sales. Here’s the thing.. I won’t even do a consulting call, nor will we even look at a Facebook ads manager until your on page optimization and professionalism is ON POINT. You need to take your store seriously in order for me to take you seriously as a client. Some people may lack the technical skills, but I think most are just ignorant.

Let’s face it.. there is a lot more competition now. You and 10 other drop-shippers are all competing for the same customer. Don’t lose out on a sale because your on page optimization is wack. A lot of these mistakes can be easily fixed in a day.. some, in like 2 seconds. These small little tweaks can go a LONG way, so DO NOT overlook them!

Here is a recap of the 3 main mistakes I see a lot of noobie Shopify store owners making.

1.) Not enough effort – Do not half-ass your store! (More explained in the video)

2.) Giving up to soon – Is it really time to quit..? Did you pick a bad niche? Or are you simply quitting too soon?

3.) Focusing too much on one traffic source – How many traffic sources are you utilizing? Is it time to take your blinders off?

You can also watch the full video with more detail below.

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