11 Ways To Make Money From Your Website

By | February 19, 2015

How To Make Money Online Using Your Blog

Here are 11 proven methods to monetize your website, and start earning more money from your blog. Please note: All of these methods actually require some WORK. If you’re looking for a “get rich quick” scheme that will turn you into a millionaire overnight, then please stop reading, you wont find it here.

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.

– Bill Cosby

So here we go.. this is 11 Ways To Make Money From Your Website. Enjoy.

Sell Advertising Space

This is one of the oldest methods of website monetization, but still a lucrative business model if your site is popular and receives a ton of traffic. The idea is to basically “rent” advertising space (ex: a 250×250 banner on your sidebar) to another website or advertiser.

You can use services like buysellads.com, set your own prices, and work directly with advertisers. Or you can use a platform like Google Adsense, Chitika, or Infolinks, which will pay you per click or by number of impressions.

How much money you make from this really depends on several different variables, such as how much traffic you get, your CTR (click through rate), keywords (some pay higher than others), and your ad placements.

Sell Ad Space


  • Almost guaranteed income every month (no “surprises”)
  • Very easy to setup
  • Little to very minimal work on your part


  • Takes away the “user experience” by annoying them with ads
  • If you set a fixed price, you earnings remain the same even if you’ve doubled your traffic
  • It can be hard finding advertisers at first, and even if you find one there’s no guarantee they’ll still be around next month

Create Your Own Digital Product And Sell It

What I like most about this, is that YOU get to make the rules. You get to choose how you much you want to charge, and you aren’t wasting your traffic by sending them to advertisers with their own products to sell. You get %100 of the profit, and you deserve to.

There’s been an explosion in this industry the last few years, and has pretty much trained internet users that they have to pay for good content now. Creating your own digital product can be as simple as writing a 50+ page word document and converting it into a .pdf file.

If you plan on only making a little bit of money from your product (less than $1000) then PayPal would be a good payment processor for your services. If you plan to go bigger than that, then I would recommend using Clickbank to handle all your orders and allow you to build affiliates.

Create Your Own Digital Product


  • You have other people (affiliates) promote your product for you
  • Passive income
  • Allows you to build a brand and authority
  • Can make you A LOT of money


  • Very time consuming
  • Takes work and knowledge in a certain niche

Promote Products As An Affiliate

If you don’t have your own products to sell, you can always promote other people’s products as an affiliate and earn a commission from every sale. Sites like Clickbank allow you to sign up as an affiliate and have access to thousands of products to promote, in nearly every niche you could possibly think of.

From my experience, this works best in combination with email marketing. You can also add your affiliate links inside your blog posts, or even make video reviews and post them to YouTube.

They key here is promote QUALITY products. Don’t ever promote a product you have not yourself tried, visitors will see right past it. If you come across as spammy and just trying to sell them something, they will see right through it. You need to be genuinely trying to help people solve a problem with the product you’re promoting, this is how you make sales.

Promote As Affiliate


  • Can be a HUGE money earner
  • High conversion rate if you do it right


  • Earnings can be unpredictable (You could earn $1000 one month, and $100 the next)
  • Sometimes great products can have crappy sales pages
  • ..And sometimes crappy products can have amazing sales pages (Know exactly what you are promoting!)
  • Sometimes you can’t always find the right products for your niche

Sell Your Website

This is probably the highest paying method here, but it requires a lot of work and willingness to give up what you’ve worked so hard on, for a large sum of cash of course. Perhaps your earnings are getting lower every month, you’ve lost the time to update your site, or you just want a nice retirement fund. Selling your website could result in HUGE bucks, assuming you have a quality website with decent traffic and a monetization method.

Typically, most websites sell for 12 months of revenue. So if your website makes you $1000 a month, a reasonable asking price would be around $12,000. This is not always the case though, I’ve seen some websites sell for much higher, and much less. It all depends if your website is unique, aged and has authority, and/or the buyer sees more value in it than the other bidders.

If you have a website to sell and this is something you might be interested in, head on over to Flippa and list your website. The outcome may surprise you!

Sell Your Website On Flippa


  • The money you make could be ridiculously HUGE
  • You can earn the money quickly (within a month)
  • If you lived off your website, you now have a whole years worth of salary


  • Your website goes bye-bye 🙁

Create A Job Board

This method is often used by authority websites, and could pay off huge returns if done right. It basically works by allowing people to post a job to your “job board”, and allowing readers to apply for the job. The jobs can be anything, from writing to reviewing. A popular example of a successful job board wold be Probloggers. Darren Rowse (the owner of Probloggers), charges job posters $50 for 30 days of publicity. At the time of writing this article (2-19-15), you can see there have already been 4 job postings for the the day. That means he’s already made $200 just from his job board a lone. Incredible.

There are many different job board softwares and plugins, but I recommend using Jobpress which is a WordPress plugin that will attach itself to your blog. Once you have it set up, you will want to save some advertising space for it on your main blog, so your readers will see it and apply for new jobs. I recommend charging low in the beginning, Darren Rowse can charge $50 per job post because he has branded himself as an authority blogger with TONS of daily traffic. Charge people a fair price and you will get more people posting.

Create A Job Board


  • Once it’s setup, it’s %100 passive income
  • Adds to your credibility


  • Only works well on authority blogs
  • Very competitive to get into

Review Products As An Affiliate

This is actually something I’d like to do more often on Online Side Hustle. The idea is to basically write reviews of a product, and somewhere in the article you funnel the reader to an affiliate link, in hopes that they buy the product based off your review. You can write reviews on pretty much anything, as long as there’s something to sell and people willing to buy it. Some of the most popular niches would be software, cars, gambling methods, hotels, and electronics.

Reviewing products as an affiliate can be as simple as writing a blog post about your new camera and inserting your Amazon Affiliate link at the bottom of it. Of course, niche focused websites with pricing tables and informative, helpful reviews are generally the ones that convert the best.

Review Products As Affiliate


  • A decent source of income
  • Higher conversions than e-mail marketing or regular banner ads
  • Getting products for free just for reviewing them
  • Networking with industry leaders


  • Sometimes products suck.. and you have to be honest
  • Negative reviews won’t earn you money and may burn some bridges
  • Products could be hot today and dead tomorrow.. they come and go

Sell Your Services

Do you have a special skill you can sell as a “service” to people? Selling your services online is still a great way to make money. Maybe you’re a writer, a web designer, or even a programmer. These are all skills that can earn you big bucks when marketed to the right people. Those are just 3 major examples, but I’ve seen other people sell fitness routines and training, life coaching, or even writing and producing music for money. Think about what you’re good at, and try to add a unique twist to it and you could make some serious cash.

Sell Your Services


  • High conversion rates
  • Highly profitable and %100 income to YOU
  • Low refunds and extremely easy to get started


  • Income is not passive.. trading time for money
  • You still have to deal with customers.. both good and bad
  • You can run into “dry spells” from time to time

E-mail Marketing

We’ve all heard the saying, “the money is in the list”. If you haven’t, it’s basically the idea of collecting e-mail addresses from opt ins and building an e-mail “list” that you can market to. Building a list is very powerful, not only because it makes you money, but because it brings readers back to your site, time after time.

If you market quality products, gain trust from your subscribers, and are genuinely helpful, then there’s always the possibility of returning customers and leads. Why waste so much time getting someone onto your page and having them opt into your list just to promote a crappy product? If you want a long, lasting list that will earn you REAL money, treat all your subscribers with respect and don’t feed them garbage.

Email Marketing


  • Very direct marketing
  • Sending ONE e-mail can make you tons of money
  • Easy and simple to get started with


  • Subscribers sometimes feel overwhelmed with promotions and opt out
  • You need to constantly be building your list
  • Subscribers will come and go

Offer Membership Site For Premium Content

Typically, this involves giving free content to entice and “reel in” the reader’s attention with beginner tutorials and articles. After a certain number of pages views, or once they attempt to read “Part 2” of a document, they are then asked to pay for a monthly membership or subscription fee. A great example of this would be tutsplus.com, where they require a membership before downloading Photoshop files and moving on to the more “advanced” tutorials. This method has become increasingly popular over the years, and quickly becoming a very powerful way to make money online.

Membership Site


  • Passive income, monthly
  • Could be a “set it and forget it” method if you time release
  • Huge money maker, Tutsplus earns over $90K a month from memberships


  • Requires a lot of work in the beginning to create premium content
  • If your niche “changes” or is updated often, so will your articles

Sell Paid Directory Listings

Instead of selling advertising space on your sidebar or through a banner, you could always create a directory listing on your website and charge webmasters a flat, or monthly fee to add their link. This is not a very popular method, but could be very profitable when done right. Even with a small list of 1000 charged at $5 a month, that is still $5,000 a month passive income.

Assuming you only allow relevant and helpful links, this can actually be beneficial to the reader, which then adds more value to your directory. The more value your directory has, the more you can charge customers. If your site gets a lot of targeted traffic every month, there’s plenty of other webmasters out there who would love to have a “slice of the pie”, so to speak.

Sell Paid Directory Listings


  • Highly profitable
  • Useful to readers and adds value to your website
  • Low competition
  • Passive income


  • Costs money to setup
  • You need a large following and lots of traffic to make it worth your time

Write Tutorials & Promote A Product

This involves writing a tutorial on how to accomplish something, but before the reader can actually do it, they will need “[insert product here]”. This is when you come in with your own product, or funnel them to an affiliate link and you make money!

A simple example of this would be to write a tutorial on a certain photography trick, but in order to actually do it, you need a special lens. Then you link them to the affiliate site where they can buy the lens, and you continue on with your tutorial. It’s a simple method, but a very powerful one.

Write Tutorials And Promote

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